2014-05-23-050948-JARI am Jamal from Kuantan in the state of Pahang, east coast of Peninsular of Malaysia. I am a medical lecturer by profession. Love teaching & been travelling for research, and providing training on research. Detail about my work HERE.

Gadgets & technology are my favourite hence a lot reviews about those things here. I am also into photography especially since 2006. Now using mostly Nikon equipments. Used to be the liaison person for Nikon Club Malaysia but now I rarely shoot seriously. I rarely carry my DSLR nowdays. I like landscape photography especially those rare sceneries up in the mountains. I like Indonesia volcanoes a lot because they are beautiful. They are easier to climb too compared to the mountains in Malaysia. I did climb Mount Kinabalu once. It was indeed a nice mountain & I want to do it again one day.

Lately I am into cycling and loving it especially the sport make me active and thinner. My cycling records HERE.

I don’t do professional job for photography. I don’t expect to get more $$ from this hobby. My job provide me those thing.